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Changing Drive Letters for continuity in Crashplan Backups

Sometimes my USB HDD letter changes and this causes me backup headaches with Crashplan. I haven’t taken time to look at the root cause of the issue, but I have found the work around for this and this is it! Open a cmd window Type: diskmgmt.msc right click on the drive you want to modify…

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How to view a specific date range in Mint

I always want to view specific dates on Mint.com, and not Mint doesn’t allow this from a web selection, but it does allow it when you modify the URL. For instance if I want to see our expenditures for a specific date range, say 11/15/2015 to 11/30/2015, I can put this in the address bar:…

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Cool Oven Mitts

I’ve been looking for some gloves to replace our worn out pot holders and I found ekSel‘s gloves a few weeks ago – and now we use them daily! I’ve been impressed that I don’t feel a bit of heat when I pull something out of a 450 degree oven, and they grip so well that I’m not…

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DreamSpa® Ultra Luxury Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head (Quick Review)

This is perfect for me and my gal… mostly because I’m blue and she’s green… wait, what? Ok, so here is the deal – The DreamSpa® Ultra Luxury Extra-large 8″ Rainfall LED Shower Head With 5 Settings this Shower head LEDs change color based on the temperature of the water  – and it works! Here is the…

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CozyPony 2-Port Car Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge (Quick Review)

This is a great fast charger for our driving adventures. When we drive, we consume lots of mobile power, and some of our other dual chargers constantly reset when our phones needed a large amount of juice! The greatest thing is our devices are fully charged when we arrive. Disclosure: I received one or more…

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Open x – a bit more

FYI – I’m approaching this from a hardware designer’s point of view. Rev0 (first pass of HW) is often tricky, even if we’re putting together known schematic blocks from other designs. Sometimes we learn tricky power supply issues, other times we learn that JTAG/ETM or full speed memory writes won’t work because of signal reflections….

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Open x, (x = ProtoHardware, Hardware, Product, Module, Block, y)

This year I decided to attend the Open Hardware Summit in NYC to survey the land and get an understanding of the community. Since I was busy and didn’t know anyone in the OHW community I didn’t do any prep and simply started asking questions as I met people. I learned that people want Open…

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