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How to view a specific date range in Mint

I always want to view specific dates on Mint.com, and not Mint doesn’t allow this from a web selection, but it does allow it when you modify the URL.

For instance if I want to see our expenditures for a specific date range, say 11/15/2015 to 11/30/2015, I can put this in the address bar:


For 2015 2016 Tax year I use this all the time when I’m searching – hopefully this is as useful to you as it is for me!


Remember – when you are using the address bar, you are telling the program what to do, so watch for any errors. For example if you type this in the address bar you will get nothing because the date range is incorrect (notice the ending year is before the beginning year, thus making the search yield a null result):



I hope this helps some of you!


Thank you and keep learning,


Source Mint.com site: http://j.mp/1Jhx2QF

John • December 18, 2015

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